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Revival 2013 Videos

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Traders at Revival 2014

miniHere is a list of confirmed traders at Revival 2014. 


The Origins of Dizzy and how games have Evolved

mini4pm on Saturday : 'The Origins of Dizzy and how games have Evolved' with Andrew Oliver.





DURELL's Saboteur comes to Revival

miniClive Townsend, the developer of the Saboteur series on the ZX Spectrum, is coming to Revival!


What's happening at Revival 2014?

miniClick here to find out all you need to know about Revival 2014. Keep checking back as we add more and more detail to the page. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section on the page.





The Saturday Talks

miniClick here to find out who is talking when on the 1st day of Revival.





Upcoming Events

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shuaib.khan@talktalk: whats the location postcode ?
Guest_9983: Postcode is WV6 0PE
Guest_9983: Google is your friend
Guest_2792: I've just this second learned a friend of mine is going on stage this morning. Is there a live feed?
Guest_1268: Are there any tickets left for Sunday? The website won't let me register to try and buy one.
Guest_5011: Do i have to print off ticket? Can i not just show the email off my phone?
Guest_3878: Yes tickets are available for Sunday on the door
Guest_3208: Hi All,
Guest_3208: Hi All How much are tickets on the door today ?
sid james: Awesome Day Yeasterday..
sid james: Good Luck 4 Today !!
Rdanny321@gmail.com: Can we get in today? If so how much are tickets on the door?
sid james: Im assuming the same as Sat..£12 pay @ the Door..!!
Guest_9786: Many thanks for a great day. The retro museum knock it out of the park with the stuff they bring.
Juris: That was an amazing day guys! Meeting John Romero was a true dream come true. Do you think Video/Photo content will be up on the site this week?
Guest_4823: I'm sure we will sort out some photos and video content in the coming days. Still packing up this morning !
Guest_9572: Great weekend... .how do we upload our pictures / reviews?
Guest_9572: The guys from Turnarcades were super friendly and helpful !
Guest_2077: Brilliant weekend!!!
Dan: Great weekend. Cheers
Richard of TND: Huge thanks for the greatest Retro Gaming event in the Midlands. Really enjoyed myself, despite it was a short stay for me due to work the next day :) :D
Guest_7488: We are in the process of producing a DVD of the talks and a bit on the event....
Guest_9572: nice... I look forward to it
Guest_7488: New forum now online - please leave some feedback :D
boyo: New Social wall now under development - you can post your pics and videos on there :D
jpalmz@yahoo.com: brill weekend - my 7 year old son loved it, couldnt get enough of all the machines on display. Hail legend John Romero :-) ))
Juris: Any updates on Video of John Q&A and all the video that was filmed all day?
Guest_9495: Test
Guest_9495: Interesting looking site
Guest_9495: Hello, retroids :)
Guest_7922: «link»
Juris: Hello? Any updates on Romeros Q&A video? I asked if you are going to film and release it, and I was told Yes and so did not film it myself. Really hope you will release a video from that event.
boyo: Currently WIP :D
Guest_8401: Is there a mini event planned this year?
Craig: News coming soon on all fronts guys!
r24977: Any news on the 2015 show yet.......?


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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  • Rich
    2 months ago

    Any news on when Revival 2015 dates and tickets will be released???

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